Top 5 Ways to Use the Peloton Bike to Lose Weight

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Peloton is an amazing fitness platform and a great resource for helping you achieve your weight loss goals.  There is one down side, however. 

Sustainable, lasting weight loss via exercise comes from following a progressive plan.  Our bodies love consistency and they always adapt to meet new, challenging demands. But those demands can't be random. 

Unfortunately, that's what most people experience when they use Peloton.  They take random classes, which is great for variety and keeping things fresh, but it actually leads to plateaus or stagnant results over time.  The key is to plan classes in a systematic way; a progressive and structured way.

Structured weight loss plans for men over 40

Here are my top 5 tips to use Peloton to lose weight.

#1: Low Impact Rides

Repeat after me, “every session does not have to be ‘balls to the wall’, killer workout”, especially if your main goal is weight loss.

Low impact classes, where your heart rate stays below 60% of its max, can be more beneficial for weight loss than high intensity classes.  HIIT and Hills or high-intensity FTP rides have a purpose, but when it comes to weight loss, they can actually be detrimental to your progress.

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A primary goal of weight loss is making your body become fat-adapted.  Fat adapted means burning fat as the main energy source rather than relying on carbohydrates in the form of blood glucose/muscle and liver glycogen.

When you work at high intensities, you need carbs to sustain your body’s energy demands meaning your body won’t/can’t rely on fat for fuel.  So if your goal is weight loss, prioritize low impact rides.  However, make sure these rides last 45 to 60 minutes.  It takes time for your body to metabolize fat, so you have to workout a little longer.  

Aim to incorporate at least 3x 45 minutes low impact rides a week.

#2: Add Interval Classes Sparingly

As I mentioned above, interval workouts can be a detriment to weight loss, but there are benefits - so don’t discount them completely.  Not only will you burn a ton more calories doing interval training, but you’ll supercharge your metabolism for up to 48 hours after the interval workout.  

Aim for 1-2x 30-minute interval type workout (Tabata, Hit and Hills) one time per week.

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#3: Stack Strength Workouts

If you’re reading this, then your goal is most likely weight loss, rather than building muscle.  With that, your focus should not be completing a ton of strength workouts.  Instead, try stacking them with other rides or runs in Peloton using the Stack feature.  

For example, when you complete a 45 minute Low Impact ride, stack it with a 15-minute bodyweight strength workout afterwards.  This way you’re building some muscle and getting stronger, which will translate to improving your metabolism and burning more calories each day and during your workouts.

Aim for 2x 15-minute strength classes stacked after Low Impact rides.

#4: Commit to Warm-ups and Cool Downs

Adding warm-ups and cool downs before and after your main workout will not only bump up your stats (win), it will also supercharge your workouts.  When you properly warm-up, your body can perform at a higher level, meaning you get more out of your main workout.  When you properly cool down, you promote recovery which means your body will be better prepared to handle more strain the next time. 

Aim to add a 5-minute warm-up and a 5-minute cool down to every workout.

Want to learn more about the benefits of warming up and cooling down, check out this post.

#5: Community

Lastly, weight loss is not an individual sport.  You’ll go further with support from other people while also sharing your journey.  Peloton recognizes this and offers so many ways to engage with their coaches and community.  Here are a few ideas:

Now that you know all the ways to use Peloton for weight loss, the most important element is consistency.  Here’s an example of a weekly schedule using the Peloton bike for weight loss:

Monday = 45 min Low Impact Ride + 15 min Strength Class

Tuesday = 5 min Warm Up Ride + 30 minute Hit and Hills Ride + 5 min Cool Down Ride

Wednesday5 min Warm Up Ride + 45 min Low Impact Ride + 5 min Cool Down Ride

Thursday = 5 min Warm Up Ride + 30 minute Tabata Ride + 5 min Cool Down Ride

Friday = 45 min Low Impact Ride + 15 min Strength Class

Saturday = 60 min Low Impact Ride

Sunday = Rest Day

If you want a custom Peloton Weight Loss program, please contact me or visit my coaching page to schedule a free discovery call.

By Craig Spear

Craig Spear The Spear Method Weight Loss for Men Over 40

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