Muscle building program for men over 40.  It's never too late to build muscle.  Craig Spear, men's health and weight loss coach.


Men over 40, just like you, are building muscle and getting in the best shape of their lives. They started right here.


Gain Muscle?

Muscle building program for men over 40 on our app.  Use True Coach to track your progress and follow the muscle building program for men over 40.
Foods that build muscle for men over 40.  Craig Spear, men's health and weight loss coach. Eat right to build muscle.


Foods that Build Muscle

Learn effective strategies from the 'You're the Man Meal Plan', which is based on using a superpower you don't know you have, rather than restrictive dieting.

Workout programs for men over 40 who want to build lean muscle.  The Spear Method.


Big Results

Building muscle takes time. That means making small daily changes and being persistent. You’ll develop fundamental skills that will build muscle in a sustainable way.

The Spear Method using the True Coach app to deliver muscle building and weight loss programs for men over 40.


Simple = Sustainable

Each workout is designed to help you lose weight and save time. Follow the program and track your progress directly in The Spear Method app.


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3 weeks of workouts emailed directly to you each day + a meal plan.

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Access to the Spear Method Accountability Slack Group.

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Track your progress directly in the app. Get feedback about your progress.



This program guides you through effective progressions so you are continually improving your self-awareness and seeing lasting results in your day to day life.

Build muscle and eat healthy to lose weight as a man over 40.
J. McKee

You'll want to write down almost every word of this program  because the coaching advice and insight is so helpful. I would highly recommend starting here!

Weight loss and muscle building programs for busy men over 40.
Z. Biesinger


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Craig Spear, men's health and weight loss coach.  Founder of The Spear Method for men who want to lose weight and build muscle over 40.


Craig Spear

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How much does this program cost?

The Power of 3 is a free program. Just enter your email to get started.

How long is this program?

The Power of 3 lasts three weeks, but the skills you'll learn last a lifetime.

What happens when I finish the program?

You're going to see amazing results in three weeks. If you want to keep going, you can purchase the Level Up Muscle Building Program or switch to one of our other services.

What results can I expect during the program?

Building does take time, which means you will be building the foundation and learning many important fundamentals in the first three weeks. After that you'll want to progress to the next level.

Do I need gym equipment?

Not for this phase you won't. The program focuses on body weight exercises. To build muscle you need to challenge your muscles so eventually you'll want to invest in a gym membership or buy some weights.


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